The Soldiers Friend

mithras.gifPower Ranking: Lesser God
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Soldiers, Armies,Warriors
Symbol: Shield
Domain: Balance, Healing, Strength
Granted Power: Aura Protection of Good or Evil
Favored Weapon: Long Sword

Basic Information

Mithras is the common soldiers best friend. Regardless of race, nationality, culture or religion. Regardless of rank or status , good or evil Mithras watches over the welfare of all soldiers and in return every soldier across the face of Thallessia venerates the grizzled war veteran in some shape or form, usually quick muttered prayers before battle but often at other times as well.

Mithras and his divine warriors, called the Shield Bearers, will watch over any and most all battles and if a soldier on either side distinguishes himself with bravery, disregard for personal safety in order to aide a comrade or obedience of orders regardless of chances for survival, Mithras will often give the soldier a blessing that increases said soldiers chances of survival.

Should such a soldier fall in battle regardless of the aide of Mithras of the Shield Bearers, Mithras himself will personally escort the fallen to the presence of their deity and vouch for them and do what he can to ensure that they are given fair treatment.


Worship of Mithras is almost totally confined to soldiers. The few priests that are not soldiers are
generally military chaplains who are assigned to and tend small military units as best they are able.


Temples of Mithras take the form of small chapels within a military fortress or castle and are usually overseen by only one or two priests of Mithras. But, wherever the army goes, so go the priests of Mithras, setting up small tents within encampments on the campaign trail to tend to the spiritual and physical needs of the soldiers.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Mithras wear the standard uniform of the military organization they serve with with the exception of a small shield insignia on both shoulders. The rank within the church is signified by a succession of colors that surround the sheild insignia advancing from Grey, White, Blue, Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum as they move up within the hierarchy of the church.

Holy Days



The church of Mithras is closely tied with the churches of Anhar, Kharas and Aris serving alongside the faithful of all three dieties without reservation or favoritism.

Factions, Sects and Orders

None. The Church of Mithras does not support nor condone individual orders within its church.